Our Wedding Planner  






We organize weddings because we love it!


We are expert in tailor made, lively, beautiful and unconventional weddings all around the Island.  
We take the stress out of organizing your wedding and create a perfectly personalized Big Day that reflects you and your lifestyle.

We came from travel agencies and we worked from the very first day with individuals and small group.
We learnt what people expect from Sardinia and what are they looking for.
We became in few years Sardinia’s best travel-friends for both tourists and tour operators which needed an English and German speaking expert ‘in situ’.

We started soon to get requests about honeymoons in Sardinia and then… about weddings!

It was very new for us but easy at the same time:
we just needed  to combine our 10 years experience,
huge knowledge
and incredible passion for Sardinia
with the curiosity of a new world.



But we are not the wedding planner you think we are.

We think different and our weddings ARE different.







Actually we do not organize weddings!

Every time we plan ‘THE WEDDING’, as we would want if it was OUR wedding




The couples  which decide to marry in Sardinia, they come here just few days before their big day.
There are weddings that happen where we do not meet the bride until the wedding day.
That’s why we meticulously spend time to get to know our couples and their love story: how and when did they meet and became a couple, from the first kiss to the wedding proposal.  
This is the most important way for us to incorporate their personality into the event.


WeddinginSardinia was created in 2009 by FortiEventi,
who through increasing demand for wedding planners for foreign couples in Sardinia,
decided to set up a division dedicated to this art.




Should you require private tours or corporate events in Sardinia

please go to FortiEventi.net