The Ring Warming Rite

The  PERFECT WEDDING VENUE: the Ring Warming Rite

Have you heard of a Ring Warming ceremony before? If not have a look here:   or here

 I thing this is a great way for the Bride and the Groom to integrate their guests and allow them to contribute their good feelings and energy to the ceremony. 

Before you get started,  as your Wedding Officiant, I will ask that everyone here participate in The Warming of the Rings: ” Take the opportunity to wish 
them health, happiness, and all that is noble and good in life when the rings pass to your care.  Hold them for but a moment and warm them 
with your LOVE, making a silent wish for the future they will
 share.  These rings will not only be a gift from one to the other, but they will also contain your love and support for their union to keep it strong throughout the years”. The ceremony goes on until it’s time for you and your partner to present the rings to each other. In one of the  most romantic wedding venues I had last year,  instead of my blessing at rings arrival, I’ve asked the mothers of both families to come next to me and read their own blessings. It has been a great surprise to everybody, expecially to the Bride and the Groom.

The Mother’s Blessing 
I bless these rings with my love, affection and the confidence that when I look at you both today I know that you have found your soulmates.    Not only your love but your friendship is so strong and this will make everything in your world right.  Keep your family unit tight and whenever you look at these rings remember today and all that it meant to you.  
Maybe for these words, maybe because Bride and Groom are two special beautiful persons and their love story really enchanted me, but I felt my cheeks wet…..And this does not happen everytime!